Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is Biden Getting the Boot...?

Rumors are flying...

Somehow the howler has the feeling that any "deal" between the Clintons and Barry before Miss Congeniality hit the national scene is off the table; during last Thursday's meeting between the former president and the wanna-be president, a spanking new deal was being inked that trumped any prior ones.
"I predict that Senator Obama will win and will win pretty handily," the former president said as Obama stood next to him. "That's what I think is going to happen."
Hmmm, what could they've talked about that gives the Big Guy such confidence?? Like Obama reminded the press, "Clinton 'knows a little something about politics."

Biden's not the problem with the Dem ticket, Obama is. Obama should be replaced with Hillary Clinton. Joe can stay.
Actually both Obama AND Mr. Foot-in-the-mouth Biden are the problem. Realistically though, I just don't see Obama dropping out even if he is 40 points behind.

Damn that new electoral map, already...
For this to happen, at some point, monkeys are supposed to fly out of someone's butt.
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