Sunday, September 07, 2008

Idiots, Idiots, Every Last One of Them

The mood of this election cycle is once again starting to feel like a funeral wake -- only the dummy doesn't know he's dead yet.

The newest Gallup poll numbers represent more bad news for Obama. Hillary supporters did everything humanly possible to try to warn Dems that to win, Hilary had to be the party's presidential nominee. But not only was she rejected as the presidential candidate but to add injury to insult, she wasn't even considered for the number two spot. Now in quick order, everything for Obama has gone to hell in a handbasket (as we knew it would).

Oh how the children laughed and played and derided the notion that Obama was not ready for prime time. Why Hillary loyalists were simply bitter tig bitties who were stuck in the 20th century when the new millennium had ushered a new electoral map with Obama and his army of young voters and African Americans making up the slack left behind by old hillbillies and she-wolves still clinging to guns and religion.

As the howler watches Obama's campaign implode, this little game of "told-you-so" has ceased to be fun; she's ready for a spanking new game where Hillary leads the Democratic party, there's no Sarah Polin and all is well with nation.

The saddest aspect of this ungodly mess is that it was totally preventable. How did Dems get duped into nominating a guy with little experience who'd never been vetted or tested?? Did Republicans rig the system by contributing to Obama?? Heads should roll after this one, for sure. Are you listening Nancy, Donna and Howard??

Amen, sister! Donna, your head to the block! Dean your butt to the wall! Kerry your, uh, er, ok let's stop there.
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