Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Gentle Lady from California Has Mean Points to Make

Say what you will about Barbara Boxer, but the California senator is dead-on with her response to McSame's address at the Republican National Convention.

Last night at the Republican National Convention, John McCain used the word "fight" more than 40 times in his speech.

In the 16 years that we have served together in the Senate, I have seen John McCain fight.

I have seen him fight against raising the federal minimum wage 14 times.

I have seen him fight against making sure that women earn equal pay for equal work.
I have seen him fight against a women's right to choose so consistently that he received a zero percent vote rating from pro-choice organizations.

I have seen him fight against helping families gain access to birth control.

I have seen him fight against Social Security, even going so far as to call its current funding system "an absolute disgrace."

And I saw him fight against the new GI Bill of Rights until it became politically untenable for him to do so.

John McCain voted with President Bush 95 percent of the time in 2007 and 100 percent of the time in 2008 -- that's no maverick.

We do have two real fighters for change in this election -- their names are Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

How's that for a not-so-gentle slap across the face??

H/T The Thinking Woman.

Barbara Boxer is one of my favorites, and this is yet another reason why.
That's how it's supposed to be done, not mealy-mouthed moaning about they want to scare you with my middle name.
i got a bad feeling about all this..I shouldn't be a conspiracy theorist or start any but a big issue is being made of Barak Obamas faith .."Muslim or Not?" Bin laden is a household name in the US

and now you have this:
Obama Biden
Osama Bin Laden

2 much coincidence..
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