Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Clinton delegates report they were bullied at the Democratic convention, reports Los Angeles Times.

Clinton delegates say that during the four-day conclave, Obama delegates opposed efforts to schedule a full, 50-state roll call vote that would attest to Clinton’s true support. What happened instead was an abbreviated roll call vote, cut off by Clinton herself so that Obama would be nominated by acclamation.

Hmmm, wonder why Obama didn't want a full roll call. Could it be he thought he might just lose...?

As part of that push, some of the Clinton backers grouse, Obama supporters made
plain through pointed remarks that the Clinton delegates needed to switch sides
and vote for the eventual nominee.
Same song, different venue. Get over it...

Yes, we are getting over it; and Madabab has brand new spanking words to add to that old "Get over it" tune. "No, We’re Not Voting Obama. Get Over It!

On an ominous note, Times observes that Obama joins Al Smith, Geraldine Ferraro and Joe Lieberman as first-evers.

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