Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clinton A-Team to the Rescue

The Washington Post reports that Obama is relying on the Clinton A-team to school him on economics.

So much for all that childish prattle about President Bill Clinton not being a transformative power and really what the hell did he ever do for his country while in the White House.

Yep, that kind of rhetoric has been thrown under the bus along with Obama's grandma, brother, spiritual adviser, Senate Dems, FISA, gun control, town hall debates, and hell, yes, even hope and change.

In the debate about what to do in the latest financial crisis, WaPo observes that "Obama appears to have one clear advantage" over Mc Cain and it's got nothing to do with "change."
His campaign has been able to bulk up quickly, bringing in an array of major players from the Clinton administration who helped guide the nation through market upheavals, including the crises in Russia, Argentina and Southeast Asia and the collapse of the massive hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management. In the past few weeks, an eclectic and largely low-profile team of economic advisers at the Obama campaign headquarters has been practically taken over by the Clinton A-team.

Oh, and what's this the Post is also saying...?

Why it seems the Clinton administration tried to "increase regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac" back in those non-transformative days of the 90s. Never mind the transmutation business, how's that for a whole lot of discernment from a person who knew what the hell he was doing?

Howling Latina sure hopes 'I haven't got a clue' Nancy and Harry. Donna and Howard, Jesse Jr., and Clyburn and the rest of the fun bunch who brought us Obama are paying close attention. We've got a crisis on our hands and the most talented and ablest person is politically marginalized because of YOUR STUPIDITY!

Nevertheless, Hillary refuses to be sidelined; and Anglachel's Journal helpfully posts Hillary's statement on the ungodly financial mess, which is more logical than anything else the howler has seen or read.

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