Thursday, September 25, 2008

Biden Rumor Persists

Like California wildfires in early fall, rumors about Biden quitting the Democratic presidential ticket refuse to die.

Eleven days ago (a lifetime in blog years), Howling Latina mentioned the growing buzz and lo and behold, today Fox News has a post about the "Internet rumor [that has been] surging through inboxes and discussion boards...Joe Biden will drop out as Barack Obama’s running mate."

Geez, can't imagine why; things have been going so splendidly for Obama and Biden...

Foxy Fox notes how Fight the Smears, a site especially designed to quash any falsehood making its way through the Internet has failed to weigh in on the matter.

Hell, even ", a site devoted to picking apart online rumors and urban legends, has labeled the status of the claim 'undetermined.'"

The way this whole presidential election has unfolded with the losing candidate receiving the most votes in the Democratic primary, absolutely nothing would surprise H/L. And yes, that includes McCain's latest flip-flopping on the debate.

Please. Please. Hillary stay away from the toxic waste dump.
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