Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Obama Dog Whistle

A few days ago in York, Pa., Obama raised the issue of Gov. Sarah Palin's gender; and not in a very nice way. Obama is getting a little peeved with all the love the lady governor is robbing him of.

San Francisco Gate writes that when speaking to reporters last Thursday, a visibly riled Obama reminded them that Palin was now playing in the big league with the BIG BOYS; there would be no gentlemanly courtesies for Miss Barracuda. In responding to criticism about his response to Palin's experience as a small town mayor, Obama fired back that he had assumed Palin wanted to be treated just the same as any man.

Gov. Palin's work as mayor was fair game. "I assume she wants to be treated the same ways that guys want to be treated," he said. "I've been through this for 19 months, she's been through it for four days or so."
Now allow the full power of Obama's words to sink in and then allow the howler to change the wording and scenery.

After Obama loses the Democratic nomination to Hillary -- even though he received the most votes -- picture in your mind wily McCain selecting Michael Williams as his running mate.

Who is Michael Williams?? He is the popular African-American chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, a powerful agency that doles out $$$ for just about everything in Texas.

Of course Obama supporters feel disenfranchised. Hillary just skipped over Obama and asked former Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa to join her ticket.

In his acceptance speech, Williams goes after Hillary with a vengeance, pushing back against the charge that he has no foreign policy experience.

Hillary's response a few days later??

"Ahem, in spite of Mr. Williams's historical race as the first African-American vice presidential candidate ever, he still DOESN'T have any foreign policy experience. And the subject of experience during a presidential campaign is always 'fair game.' Please pardon me if I thought the boy wanted to connect to informed, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens and explain to them what credentials he has."

Hmmm, still don't get it...? Well, Bud White at No Quarter comments on the subject to help you understand:

[B]y saying that Palin “wants to be treated same way guys want to be treated,” Obama is drawing attention to her gender and implying that if she complains of his tactics that she’s not as tough as the “guys.” This is classic Obama sexism: it’s the condescending put-down meant to disempower his female opponent by playing into stereotypes.
In other words, it's a loud dog whistle -- equal to the periodic clawing Obama conjured up during the Democratic primaries.

After dealing with the Good Ole Boy Republicans in Alaska, Sarah Palin should have no problems dealing with wimps like Obama/Biden.
Someone is desperately trying to reclaim his alpha manhood after having the shit kicked out of him by a girl in front of 38 million viewers.
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