Friday, August 01, 2008

Vice Presidential Rubric

Former Vice President Walter Mondale gave his two-cents worth on what a presidential candidate should look for in a running mate.

Sure, things didn't work out too well for Mondale in '84 when he selected Geraldine Ferraro over others as his historical running mate. But Mondale believes his successful run as former President Jimmy Carter's running mate in '76 should count for something and the howler agrees.

CQ Politics has the run down on qualities Mondale believes make for a good vice presidential choice:

Ready to Lead -- "The person you pick must be presidential material and be seen by the public as that."

Compatability -- "He's got to be somebody who the president believes he can be comfortable with" in the round-the-clock White House pressure cooker. "You can't really quantify it, but you can feel it maybe."

Electability -- "Does this candidate help you win, possibly broaden your range of support in America."

No Embarrassments -- "That's something you've got to be sure of."

Well, if Obama follows Mondale's precepts in finding a running mate, then there is only one person who meets all key points on the rubric. One who leads every other candidate on the list by legions. And that candidate sure as the dickens isn't Sebelius, Bayh, Kaine, Reed or even Biden. It's a no-brainer, folks.

Put aside your pride and hubris, Barky. Your prayers by the Wall are evident to anyone with a heart to listen and see. If supers are witless enough to nominate you and you want more than a footnote in history books -- pay close attention to Hillary's warning in her comments about Martin Luther King leading a movement and President Johnson fulfilling the promise. To make a real difference, you have to have power. It's Mountain Mama/White House or footnote/Geraldine Ferraro; the time is now; the choice is yours.

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