Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pro-Obama Site Slams Paley for Supporting Gay Rights

Can these guys blog and chew gum at the same time...?

Thanks to Green Little Football, we learned today that a pro-Obama site foolishly gamed google so its post would pop up anytime a person inserted the name "Sarah Paley" with the word "gay."

Sarah Palin (GOV-Alaska-Republican), supports gay rights, says Anchorage Daily News.

Quote “Gov. Sarah Palin vetoed a bill Thursday that sought to block the state from giving public employee benefits such as health insurance to same-sex couples.”

Quote “”It is the Governor’s intention to work with the legislature and to give the people of Alaska an opportunity to express their wishes and intentions whether these benefits should continue,“ the statement from Palin’s administration said.”

Coghill said he’s interested in a new plan that would allow state employees to designate one person — maybe a same-sex partner, but also possibly a family member or roommate — who would be eligible for state-paid benefits. But the employee would have to pay to add that person to his or her benefits.“Sarah Palin’s veto gave gays the same rights as married couples in Alaska.

A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for gay marriage.

Are these yahoos a bunch of idiots or what?? After a little sleuthing, GLF learned the site owner was an Obamazoid shilling for the man. Of course, former Hillary supporters and independents have now had a chance to see that unlike the hype, Gov. Palin is no ideologue and respects civil liberties for ALL.

One more reason not to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, my little chickedees. His threatening growls are quite toothless.

One does wonder how many conservative Christians are closet supporters of gay marriage. We've learned of the secretive Men's Room Republicans, who hate homosexuals in public, but apparently feel something quite different in an airport bathroom. Perhaps there are legions of church-going Republicans who, likewise, wish to extend civil liberties to all. Perhaps they will come out of the closet, or men's room, to support Sarah Palin.
Some of you guys need to get a clue.

I'm a Pentacostal Christian, extremely loyal Republican, and yes, some have called me far-right. Yet, I opposed Virginia's marriage amendment.

The Republican base does not hate gays. I know that base. Hell, I AM that base.

Are there hypocrites in my party? No more than there are in yours.

H.L., keep your chin up. Your stand on principles against the more whacko side of your party is to be commended.
Alton: Tell me, how many in your Pentecostal church, do you suppose, openly support civil unions for homosexuals? Also, how many of you extremely loyal, far-right Republicans would actually vote for Hillary Clinton, besides stuffing the ballot box for her during the primary?
Actually John, it looks like if there was any stuffing, the votes went to Obama.

Remember all that "business" about Republicans voting for Obama?? Hmmm, haven't heard that meme lately!
Actually, HL, it was your hero Rush Limbaugh who started the whole Republicans voting for Hillary "business." But don't change the subject..

How many extremely loyal, far-right Republicans, do you suppose, would actually vote for Hillary Clinton? Come on HL, you know Hillary is Rush Limbaugh's favorite lady.
John, you're right, Limbaugh does not like Hillary. In fact, he hates her; and you and I both know why. 'Cause she was the stronger candidate. He hates her and so do his listeners.

Talk about being naive!! You really think they actually went to the caucuses, suffered the vitriol of Obamazoids and voted for Hillary.

Remember, were it not for the caucuses where Republicans DEFINITELY voted, Hillary would be the Dem nominee.

Who got played??
HL: Rush Limbaugh hates Hillary Clinton because she represents everything he and his Republican fellow travelers detest. Limbaugh went on record stating his ballot stuffing scheme was all about keeping the Democrats divided, thus making it easier for his right-wing nutjob, John McCain.

Yeah, HL, who did get "played"?
John, I don't have to hate someone in order to vote. If that is your primary consideration, perhaps the rest of us would be much better off if you refrained from voting altogether.

As to civil unions, political ideas and considerations have nothing to do with hate either.

There is much to be said in favor of civil unions, as well as many legitimate arguments against. Time nor space allow a full discussion on these merits, and I'm sure H.L. would prefer that I not clutter up her comments doing so.

If your mind is so small that it can only be decided on the merits of emotion, again, perhaps we would all prefer that you not be allowed to vote.
Alton: Small minds that vote based on just described the Republican Party. Yes, I'd prefer you not vote, but the Constitution says you can.

BTW - How many in your Pentecostal church, do you suppose, openly support civil unions for homosexuals?
If civil unions ever become a politically available option, most in my church will support civil unions for all. Why should one group be singled out?

And you know John, that emotion is a very small part of Republican decision making, but you leftists rely on it.
Hells bells, Alton, you should start a website, "Pentecostals for Civil Unions," and sign on as many of your Republican brothers and sisters as you can.

Ok, Alton, I'm waiting with baited breath: What "emotion is a very small part of Republican decision making"? Do tell.
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