Friday, August 15, 2008

Obama Keeping Old Guard Off Podium

News reports that Obama failed to see any need to ask veterans of the civil rights movement to speak at the Democratic national convention in Denver must have a few seasoned activists seething with resentment and anger.

It seems the convention in Denver will be the first time in 24 years years that Rev. Jesse Jackson doesn't speak. The Hill writes that "Ronald Walters, a former Jackson aide who is the director of the African American Leadership Center at the University of Maryland, said he does not think Jackson will be asked to speak at the convention."

“I think he should speak, but he won’t,” Walters said.

Walters said Jackson holds a lot of sway in the African-American community and that Obama needs to select speakers who can talk directly to those voters.

Obama is also giving the cold shoulder to House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Ranger. Politico reports that this little slight is seen by "those close to the powerhouse Harlem a spiteful snub."

Yikes! Talk about a major public dissin'. He's really pissing off a whole slew of people he might just need in the future. Not very smart. The problem with this new generation of younguns (although they ain't all that young) is that they have an exagerated sense of entitlement beyond normal limits; the world is their oyster and everyone else get the hell off the stage!

But not to worry. The Hill writes that Obama has asked folks like race baiting Jim Clyburn and Jesse Junior to speak and make the world right again. In the meantime, poor Al Sharpton also has been disinvited.

Hmm, should anyone be pissed off?? You know, like African-Americans who toiled under Jim Crow and are now being discarded like old dish rags by The Chosen One?? Guess we know which syndicate our new kind of leader came from: the one that throws former friends under the bus.

Yea, sure, Hill and Bill will get their chance to speak in Denver. But they've been squeezed between gazillion other speakers. Nevertheless, look for them to shine beyond anything Michelle, Barky, Warner and the mysterious vice president could ever imagine and then look for them to be blamed for hogging the show.

You didn't answer my question, HL. Are the Republicans paying you to spew this bile? Or are you crazy enough to do it for free?
From Talk Left:

"The principal speakers Tuesday in prime-time are still Mark Warner and Hillary Clinton."

They're being "squeezed" in? Did you want Bill and Hillary to speak the entire day? Oh that's right you want to overthrow the results and make it a "Hillary Party".
Gee, Jesse makes one little comment, which just happens to be broadcast across the world, in which he describes wanting to hack off Obama's family jewels and Obama's campaign is just overreacting by not inviting him and inviting his far more sensible son, instead. What a dis on poor old Jesse.

As for Al Sharpton, I'm confounded about the degree of credibility he's had with some within the Democratic Party for all these years. This is a man who actively participated in the Tawana Brawley fraud, in which the reputations of several innocent men were ruined and their lives threatened, and despite having been sued and ordered to pay over a million dollars in compensation to the young prosecutor in that case has yet to apologize for his role in inflaming racial hatreds and keeping the hoax alive even after others connected with Brawley stepped forward to say she was lying. I'd prefer never to see Al Sharpton get one minute of mic time again.

Then you've got Charlie Rangel's supporters (although not Charlie himself) arguing that he's being dissed by not being invited to speak. Aren't there enough speakers already? You've just finished complaining that even though the beloved Hillary AND Bill are speaking they're sandwiched in between a "gazillion other speakers", but you want to expand the list of speakers to include everyone who's ever been an advocate for African Americans. Make up your mind - is it too much - or too little?
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