Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Shenanigans Out of Ohio

Sure makes a difference who sits in the governor's mansion...or in the secretary of state's seat.

The New York Times reports that Ohio Secretary of state Jennifer Brunner issued a directive to officials prohibiting them to take poll machines home. No more monkey business. If McSame is to win, he has to do it the old fashion way. He actually has to get more votes than Obama.

We want Ohio’s voters and the rest of the nation to see that we have prepared a transparent process of transporting voting equipment, ballots and supplies. That begins with security practices at boards of elections and polling places, documented chain of custody, and now procedures to make secure voting machine delivery.
And don't expect to see those huge long lines in minority districts like we did in '04, either. In fact, the howler thinks if anyone might have a little wait, it'll be those voting in Republican districts that foolishly and overwhelmingly went for Bush in '00 and '04.

How sweet it is...to be in charge; and Obama's only slim hope for a win without Hillary.

I was in Ohio on Election Day in 2004, in Cleveland, and personally witnessed ballot stuffing by Democrats. Anything assertion that there was Republican voter fraud is a far-Left fantasy.
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