Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington...

Talk Left has posted a few of the answers Gov. Sarah Palin gave Anchorage Daily News back when she was running for governor in October 2006. From her answers, she's no right-wing nutjob.

Palin told Daily News that she would support capital punishment if it applied to adults who kill children. She also opposed public funding for elective abortions. Although she supported Bush's effort on the war against terrorism (and really, what Republican is going to say he or she doesn't?), she wanted the president to "develop an exit strategy." She did not want to see the federal government increase spending on faith-based initiatives. If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, she would not support a governor "unilaterally ban[ning] anything. It would be up to the people of Alaska to discuss and decide how we would like our society to reflect our values." She believed in community outreach to minorities and a diverse "task force."

Hmmm, doesn't exactly fit the matrix Obama supporters are trying to construct for the little sweetie. Remember, only weeks ago Obama was shedding tears after the Supreme Court ruled the death penalty for child molesters to be unconstitutional. And let's not forget how Obama thinks we should increase faith-based initiatives (not that the howler disagrees; sometimes they can work wonders but not every lefty feels like she does). Palin seems to be made of libertarian fiber in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt: individualism and let each state work out the abortion issue while they load up their rifles.

Indeed, Gov. Polin not only has a great personal story to tell but a colorful hubby. As a youth, Sarah Barracuda (as she began to be called by her peers for her intensity on the basketball court) was a sports star, beauty pageant winner and scholarship grantee. Taking advantage of every opportunity, she finished college before starting family life, briefly working as a sports reporter and then won public office to the city council, mayor's office and governor's mansion -- taking all corrupt comers along the way.

Although Todd Polin is Alaska's Republican First Gentleman, he and 19-year old son are not registered Republicans. Hubby's mom is one-quarter Yup'ik (indigenous peoples of Alaska); he met the lady governor during his high school years. Like a couple of starry-eyed kids in love with overhyped hormones, they eloped right after Gov. Polin graduated from college to save mom and pop some dough.

How fetchingly romantic!

Mr. Polin is employed by oil giant British Petroleum in a "non-managerial position." Right after his wife was elected governor, he resigned as manager to avoid any conflict of interest. During the short summer months, he also works as a fisherman and is a union card member to boot -- the quintessential schema of Regular Joe. Oh yea, and their son signed up last September 11 and is on his way to Iraq "on the same date next month."

Yes, for all those folks gnashing their teeth, yanking their hair and thrashing about at the thought of Roe v. Wade being overturned very soon, perhaps you should've been a little more attentive during the primaries and paid closer attention to polls that foretold a likely Obama loss. You should have done everything you could to make sure the candidate with the most solid experience and best opportunity to beat McCain was on the Democratic ticket. But no, you opted to drink the kool aid and now you want Bill and Hill and Geraldine and Rendell and Strickland and PUMAs to help get you out of your self-inflicted mess. Well, it looks like you'll have to work on your own while PUMAs do everything they can to elect down-ticket candidates.

In the meantime, don't cry for me, Argentina. We'll be by the sideline waiting to see how you make out with your unity schtick and incongruous kumbaya.

How incredibly shortsighted and petulant. The fact that you are quoting a two-year-old interview -- her positions have changed -- shows your selective use of the facts.

If I were as small as you I would probably hope that they get elected and Roe v. Wade is struck down, so that petty, selfish, me-first people like you who project their own egos onto candidates will learn a lesson about using your vote to punish a party. It's a stupid way to vote.
Yep, and in two years she's turned into a rabid leftie-eating she-devil, no doubt.

Get a clue. It is what it is.
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