Friday, August 01, 2008

Kool Aiders Still Drinking the Kool Aid

Todd Beeton of MyDD continues to drink the kool aid. He writes:
In the primary Hillary Clinton paid a price for going negative. Sure she won some big primaries but her negatives actually rose and conventional wisdom was that her legacy was damaged.
It's this kind of crap that really gets the howler howling. If by conventional wisdom, Beeton means the overpriced whores in the media, he's probably right.

But let's not kid ourselves, shall we?? With a wink and a nod from The Chosen One, the first people who started lodging muck and slime at ANYONE during the Democratic primaries were Obamazoids.

Don't believe...? Here's a little trip down Unity Lane courtesy of Jesse Jackson, Jr., Jim Clyburn, and Obama's army of liars. And this little outing doesn't even include work from the blogger boyz and drones at MSNBC.

Please don't try to rewrite history and insult the very people Obama is going to need if he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning in November; it just might really piss them off even more than they already are.

"it just might really piss them off even more than they already are."

So the people who are already pissed off, who want to challenge Obama at convention, and won't vote for Obama if he's the nominee will be more pissed off? What will they do? They've already done everything that they can. Oh you'll be "super duper pissed off" I see the difference.
How 'bout the truth??
Beeton reverses the truth. Hillary Clinton's approval ratings rose -- and her negatives lessened -- when she showed what a tough, never-say-die fighter she could be. Obama's negatives climbed during that same period.

Beeton's blathering about "conventional wisdom" amounts to repeating a lie enough times to make it seem true.
Thanks for the reminder.
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