Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is Barky Afraid of the Real Bradley Effect

Alegre's Corner had a riveting post that got the howler thinking...

She fully agrees with Alegre that somethin' is really strange about Obama's foul scheme to deny the right of Hillary and her army of supporters a convention roll call. Yes, of course they're afraid that supers might switch allegiance; that's quite obvious. Yet considering Barky has had the nomination all wrapped up since forever, why should anyone be worried, right??

And yet...what if during the convention roll call, supers who told Obama's camp they'd be voting for him decide nope, they really want to vote for Hillary instead and do so.

Can you picture Eugene Robinson's dumbstruck face when he has to explain to viewers at MSNBO that unlike what he claimed during New Hampshire, this is what a real Bradley effect looks like?? The horror, the horror.

Some would say that when good people are harassed, bullied, lied to, ridiculed and abused, guess what: they don't like you very much. And they decide they've had enough and dump you for another. Of course, waiting in the wings to heal the party's self inflicted wounds with a win over McSame in November is Hillary. And the world is right again.

Hmmm, maybe that's what has all those Obama fans so worried. Yes, the howler is still thinking...

And she thinks that would be delicious irony of the just deserts kind that would serve each and every one of them right for using the race card to win.

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