Saturday, August 30, 2008

Historical Election

As sure as eggs and KitKat, every presidential season, politicians try to define the moment as the most monumental election ever. Unlike previous ballot choices, however, this year truly heralds an historical moment.

With Sen. John McCain's selection of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska for the number two spot, McCain has made sure the country will have the change it's been clamoring for. Right from under Obama's willing nose, McCain has stolen the thunder that could've been Obama's had he chosen Hillary as his running mate.

As the Washington Post notes, "In a world full of hierarchies, women have always had secondary power to men, ever since hunting and gathering times..." And don't think for a second that women are not fully aware of the symbolism that their votes could ensure a woman is ensconced at the highest level of office.

After Hillary was inexplicably dismissed as a candidate for the top ticket by Donna, Nancy, Obama and the rest of the gamy gang because she allegedly was too divisive (code word for bitch) or married to the wrong man who just so happened to be the only two-term Democratic president during the last 50 years and counting and who demonstrated he still has it by electrifying every person at Invesco and across the land, yes, women are taking notice of McCain's choice for the vice presidency.

For the clueless, CQ Politics adeptly explains:

As news of McCain’s pick broke, analysts [predicted] that Palin may help McCain do better among women, particularly those who are still incensed that Democrats chose Illinois Sen. Barack Obama over Clinton. The symbolism of the Clinton campaign appealed particularly to baby boomer women who saw her campaign as an extension of the feminist movement of the 1960s.
No matter how you slice it, the Post reminds us, either an African American or a female "will stride into one of the highest offices in the land -- not possibly but definitely, finally." And yes, but for Obama's shame, the Democrats could've broken the color barrier and shattered the glass ceiling -- a winning two-fer for change.

In other words, "We have the way, we have today, the time is now for change, the time is now." At long, long last.

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I do not deserve the embarrassment of being associated with you in any way, Mimi.
If someone requested to be removed from my blogroll, I would do so immediately, out of simple courtesy.
Is that a concept you understand?
Rocket scientist, seek and ye shall find. Exactly 19 minutes before your unnecessary post, I was doing exactly that.

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The way I hear it, Hillary didn't want to be the #2 on Barack's ticket. So how is it "dissing" her to have chosen someone else?

And since Hillary has asked her supporters to support Obama, why don't you?
More disinformation from Omanation. Hillary told Obama not to vet her unless he was seriously considering her for the vice-presidency. In other words, she didn't want Barry toying with her emotions.
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"In other words, she didn't want Barry toying with her emotions."

Or dig up stuff on her and Bill that could be later used against her? So she told him not to vet her, right?
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