Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hillary is Everyone's Favorite

In an AOL self-directed poll, Hillary led every other candidate by a sizeable majority. Fifty four percent of voters say they prefer for Hillary to be on the ticket.

Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware came in a distant second with 21 percent.

Meanwhile...CBS reports that delegates, like everyone else in the world want Hillary "by far...for the number two spot."
Six percent volunteer Delaware Senator Joe Biden, and four percent mention two other unsuccessful Democratic candidates: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards...Another 4 percent volunteer Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.
It certainly looks like that media crapola about Hillary being too divisive to win is exactly what the howler's been saying for a very long time. It's a contrived meme designed to muddle, bamboozle and obfuscate; and if Dems pay any attention, they'll find themselves on the losing end in November.

Geez, guess we're supposed to believe that if Andrea Mitchell or Leslie Stahl or Sallie Quinn or Maureen Dowd say that Hillary Clinton is a she-devil with horns that can't control Wild Bill (the last successful two-term Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt, by the bye) and is weighed down with so-called 'baggage,' from her past, well, then the sky is falling, Chicken Little ate all the acorns and Foxy Loxy is pregnant with twins. A nice little fable from the media mommies to illustrate an important moral lesson for Democrats.

Hmmm, let's see. Does a history lesson by way of lost opportunities in '92 when Dems decided to show Bill and Hill who was really boss in Washington mean anything?? Oh that's right, the Dems lost both Houses; and with the media's blessing, GOPers went on to impeach a popular president.

Well, if somehow Barky should be anointed Democratic presidential candidate and he chooses anyone but Hillary as his running mate, we'll be talking about lost opportunities for a very long time once again.

For sure, please explain how picking someone else makes any kind of sense. The only thing such a choice would reveal is lack of vision and a vengeful heart. By either Obama -- or his most trusted adviser, Michelle -- or likely both.

Congressional Dems were all about protecting their own turf in 1993-94, and what better way to show what hot guys they were than buck their own party's president.

That's why I had to shake my head at the recent paens to Ted Kennedy, among which was his purported commitment to universal health care. Well, where was he in 1993 when he had a president who had it high on his agenda? He should have used every bit of his influence as senior party stateman to get a good bill crafted and pushed thru.

I guess you lose things as campaign issue - along with those campaign contributions - if you actually get them implemented.

I can't say I like the idea of Clinton as veep, another case of the less qualified women having to prop up the unqualified guy promoted in front of her. Unless, of course, I could be certain she could pull a Dick Cheney and actually run the country while the new Junior runs around on his photo ops.
Sen. Biden will be a purposeful and dynamic vice president who will help Sen. Obama both win the presidency and govern this great country."

- Hillary Clinton
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