Friday, August 08, 2008

Free Lance-Star Reader Comes Up with Interesting Proposal...

Today the Free Lance-Star, a small community newspaper in Fredericksburg (50 miles south of the nation's capital) published an op-ed by a local citizen with a catchy headline that offers a very interesting proposal. "Team Barillary, the only way to go," Donald Emmerling of Spottsylvania writes.

The only way for Barack Obama to get all of Hillary Clinton's votes is if they make a binding agreement that Obama would be president and Hillary vice president the first term, then Hillary president and Obama vice president the second term, and keep alternating for the third and fourth terms.

This way they would both be president, and they would have a break after four years. They would be an unbeatable team that no one could touch.

Hmmm, the howler might go along with the notion but...the order would have to be switched. Hillary for president in '08. After all, Hillary is the one with the most experience and the most votes.

Yep, this way way Barky can relax, study-up on his geography and stuff -- like how to run a country -- from the person who bailed his ass out during the primary presidential debates with discerning answers that he later claimed as his own.

Of course, all bets are off if Barky still hasn't mastered his political geography lessons from Uncle Bill by '12.

No kidding. Barky wouldn't have to do any work. He could just play basketball and take all the credit-- and Hillary could do all the work.
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