Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edwards Hand Wringing

Remember when the netroots cheered Michelle Obama's little salvo about running the White House..?

Oh how they applauded and praised her inspirational words. She was a huge asset to Barky; she was smart, beautiful, charismatic, refreshing; and everyone absolutely loved to hear her speak truth to power.

"[I]f you can't run your own house," Michelle said during those lazy hazy days of summer last year, "you certainly can't run the White House." Noble rhetoric of blame the victim for getting raped.

You see, Hillary was somehow responsible for Bill's womanizing; something that of course would never happen to someone who "personifie[d] success both as a mother and a career person" like Michelle the Wonderful.

Well, with news of Edwards' phony shtick, it certainly looks like the blogger boyz bet on the empty suit for president. Again. First it was Howard Dean the Savior. Then it was John Edwards America. Rest assured, next up is Barky the Messiah; and the tale will end the same way; the deliverer will come up lame.

Howling Latina would love to be a little fly on the wall to hear what Michelle has to say on the subject of infidelity and running the White House. For that matter, what do the blogger boyz think about "knowing the difference between good and bad, right and wrong"?? Every presidential candidate they have supported has had little moral mettle -- if any at all. So much for the new media knowing what's best for all of us.

Oh, and by the bye, even after his come to Babyjeezus moment with Bob Woodruff, Edwards is still lying.

Update: Obama throws Edwards under the bus.

You know Mechelle has Barry whipped like a lost puppy. If he gets in, his head may swell enough to get the little head in trouble, tho I think he's too scared of her to do anything. Which means he'll take out his frustrations some other, more dangerous, way-- like invading other countries.
I still think there may be some merit to the claim that Obama likes to do the down low thing. That choir leader's death should not be dismissed as nothing.

Of course, like all the fake Democrats, they are blaming Hunter, not Edwards. Over at Talk Left in the comment section it was all about Hunter and how she wanted to hem up Edwards for cash. No one had a gun to his head.

We wouldn't be having this cheating problem if Hillary Clinton had the nod. When one loves her country and want to serve the people they don't have time to mess around.
"We wouldn't be having this cheating problem if Hillary Clinton had the nod."


What country were you living in during the '90s, kitty?

Next you're going to tell us there wouldn't be any race-baiting.
Has Hillary cheated?

Spotter, let me say this nice and slow so you understand. Kitty said HILLARY. Hillary wasn't the person unfaithful. As to the race baiting, as long as Barky is running for somethin', there's gonna be race baiting.
"As to the race baiting, as long as Barky is running for somethin', there's gonna be race baiting."

Yep...apparently from Hillary's camp.
Has Hillary allowed, condoned, excused, enabled, and defended cheating?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Not something I would ever have expected from Elizabeth Edwards, but Hillary has been a known quantity since that "Stand By Your Man" speech.
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Why should I care who John Edwards is fonkin'? Look, when "Slick Willy" was getting his willy slicked in the Oval Office, gasoline was ~$1/gallon, now I'm paying ~$3.50/gallon. So, what does marital infidelity have to do with the price of Texas tea in China? I voted for Bill Clinton twice and I'd vote for the man a third time if the Constitution allowed it. I don't care how many knob jobs he lied about, nor do I care what Hillary may or may not be munching. I'd vote for her, too, if she'd been nominated. I like her universal health care plan.

John McCain could be a saint, a pillar of morality who never actually fonked around on his first wife, and he'd still be a forked-tongued Republican who was against tax cuts for the rich before he was for 'em, a backward looking shill for big oil just like Dubya, a warmongering blowhard who refused to vote on a new G.I. Bill, and probably gave aid and comfort to the enemy when he was doing time in Vietnam. On top of all that, should I really care who McCain is cornholing, too?

But Hillary didn't do it, did she??

Come to think about, she damn well should've after South Carolina.
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