Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Were You In It for ME?"

Yes, we were in it for you. And we did it ALL for you.

We love you, Hillary. You are one classy, awesome lady.

And you accuse Obama supporters of being in a "cult." Priceless.

Forget equal pay for women, forget abortion rights, forget healthcare reform. It's alllll about her.

Meanwhile, McCain thinks Chelsea Clinton is ugly, Hillary Clinton is a bitch, and his own wife is a c*nt.
Wow. You same that Obama supporters have fallen for the cult of personality, yet completely missed the point of what Senator Clinton was saying. Pot, meet kettle.
The point Hillary was making, which obviously went over turn pw blue's head, is that many women were in it because we'd waited long and hard for the moment when a woman could join the apex of power in government and finally become president.

Remember, my little tostidos, women only received the right to vote in 1920--way after blacks did. And it now looks like we'll have to sit on the back of the bus a little while longer.
So you're saying you drank the Hillary Kool-Aid and you didn't do this for any Democratic ideals? You followed her because she was a woman...weird then you would call Obama supporters cultists.
Okay. Let me say this nice and slow so you guys can understand.

I've voted for many men for many reasons for many Democratic primaries. Some of it had to do with ideology. Some of it had to do with vision. Some of it had to do with experience. Some of it had to with how well I thought they would do against the Republican nominee.

In this case, a slight edge to Hillary in the ideology department; her health plan was more expansive. A tie with vision. A huge edge in the experience department. Another big win against the GOPer. And the cream on my feminist coffee is that Hillary was a woman.

Some of you whippersnappers may be too young to remember what it was like for women not so long ago. Such as when our income was only counted one-third. When a husband could beat the crap out of you and police wouldn't get involved; it was a family matter. When pregnant women were routinely fired from jobs as soon as they started showing they were in a family way--whether married or not. So please forgive me if the fact that Hillary was the culmination of my struggle and the struggle of millions of women before her resonated and is one more reason why I voted for her and why I was so sad that Obama was able to finagle the nomination from the better candidate.
"Nice and slow"?

You did a drive by post without any context. We ask you to explain that context and you get indignant? Thanks for the explanation that makes a lot more sense.

Obama didn't "finagle" anything. He had a better campaign. Hillary was the "presumptuous" nominee way before you started calling Obama that. Hillary thought she had this nomination all wrapped up. That's why she didn't organize caucus states and any state after Super Tuesday.
Mimi, we're probably close in age. I lived what you described too, not so long ago. And I wanted Hillary to win too, so that I could see a woman president.

But don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Obama would be far better for women and women's interests than McCain would. McCain, himself, proved it today. He made a cynical choice; he picked a woman who is inimical to women's interests.

She is anti-choice, supports teaching creationism in public schools, is for drilling in ANWR, and is against protection of endangered species. In other words, she is the antithesis of anything progressive.

But McCain picked her for two reasons. One to shore up support among the radical right, which knows Palin's true positions and supports her enthusiastically. And two because McCain cynically believes most women are low information, don't know Palin and will support her simply because she's a woman.

When Hillary asked at the convention if her supporters just did it for her personally, their saying "Yes, it was just for you - not for what you believe in and fight for," was not the answer she wanted to hear.

I don't think anybody can convince you out of your anger. But honestly, I don't think that your reaction is what Hillary would have wanted. Ironically, only a Hillary hater (and there are far too many of those) would think it is.
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