Monday, August 04, 2008

Delegates for Hillary

Demand that Hillary's name be placed on the roll call.

Alegre's Corner writes:

As you know by now, there's a group of Hillary's delegates who are working hard to pull together the 300 signatures needed to get Hillary's name on the roll call ballot in Denver.

They've asked me to remind everyone here about their effort, and to post the above email so folks can contact them.

So if you're a delegate to our convention and you believe that a real election should include more than one name on the ballot (this is America - not Zimbabwe after all!) then please use the above email to contact the delegates behind this noble effort. They'll send you a petition to sign and you'll be a part of an historic event folks. Sign on now for unity's sake!

And if you know someone who's a delegate, please send them this email and ask (beg, plead, cajole) them to do the DEMOCRATIC thing and sign the petition.

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