Saturday, August 23, 2008

Broken Hearted

Last night when Olby of MSNBO joyfully reported that Hillary hadn't even been vetted by Obama and Biden would likely be his v-p choice, the howler was absolutely devastated.

How dare Obama tease Hillary supporters by using language that singularly applied only to Hillary that very morning. Remember, this is the guy that's a wordsmith; words matter and all that crap.

All the time Barky kept insisting that Hillary was a possibility during his sham unity stroll of the last two months, he knew deep in his heart of darkness that Hillary had about as good a chance as little bro living on $1 a day in Kenya.

May Obama be infested with a thousand flees of the swiftboating kind. The howler is starting to really hate Obama with as much passion as she does Dubya. For her, each is the flip side of the other: drug abusers, no real experience, no substance behind catchy sloganeering and thugs directing the thin curtain of their political careers.

A few months ago, the howler asked, "Who is Obama's Cheney?" Something superdelegates might want to figure out before they vote for him in Denver. As for the howler, she's concluded that Dems need to learn a lesson. Don't toy with her emotions with cutesy condescending blather of the now you see it, now you don't; hee-hee, we really had you going for a while.

Unsurprisingly, the media reports that Barky wants to do away with superdelegates. Of course. He knows that only through sheer shenanigans he won all those contested caucuses; and maybe next time, supers will ignore the will of a few for the will of millions.

As a staunch Hillary supporter, the howler will send an unmistakably loud and clear message to Dean, Brazille and other party bosses: even though the howler has voted for every Democfatic presidential candidate her entire life, her vote must never be taken for granted. IF, and that's a big IF, she can't stomach voting for McSame, she'll either vote for Libertarian Bob Barr or Green Cynthia McKinney. Barack Obama will not be getting the howler's vote in November. You can take that to the bank.

Tennessee Guerilla Woman nails how the howler feels. Aggrieved, disrespected, totally dissed; oh, and totally pissed...

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the candidate who earned 18 million votes, was not even vetted. We're sure Biden's 200 voters are simply thrilled. The rest of us, well, just call us marginalized and invisible.

Back in the 1990s, Biden was the leader of the pack of 14 white male senators who conducted the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. The committee of 14 men threw every sexist stereotype in the book at Anita Hill. Like Hillary, Joe Biden voted to authorize the war in Iraq, but that's so not a problem when a bro does it.

Isn't it great we still live in a democracy where you can throw away your vote, whether or not it hurts us, our children, or our grandchildren?

BTW - John McCain is still a filthy fonkin' right-wing nut job.
How do we know Obama is any better??

Give me one thing he's done -- except pave the clear path to his own coronation.

And about Biden? Does bankruptcy and Iraq war vote mean anything to you?
The "media" reports...with no links...I'm shocked that you'd say something and not back it up...shocker! As to not being vetted, you don't think he vetted her at all during the primaries? You really think he didn't have ANY opposition research on her at all that would've given him enough information to make an informed decision? That's really dense if you think so.

Would Hillary really have made the difference for you? I don't think so. You would have still barked about "how she wasn't at the top of the ticket". So stop with your self-righteous indignation.

Please vote for McCain. It'll make your transformation complete. From a progressive to a regreessive in the span of 8 months! It's pure ego for the Latina this year!
"And about Biden? Does bankruptcy and Iraq war vote mean anything to you?"

Yeah because Hillary didn't vote for the Iraq war at all...oh yeah that's right she did. You're making it too easy now.
Of course we don't know for sure, HL, but we can listen to what the candidates tell us, and what I hear from Obama is closer to what I believe in than what I hear from McCain. I could never in good conscience vote for McCain.

Every presidential candidate tries his or her best to pave a path to the White House. Hillary tried her best. I believe that Barack Obama has the potential to do great things for our country and I believe that John McCain will give us more of what George W. Bush and the Republicans have given us for the past 8 years. At the very least, HL, Barack Obama gives me hope.

As far as Biden, see if you can find the audio or a transcript of Biden's speech before the Senate when the war authorization vote was being debated. I'm looking now. Biden's was just as stirring and relevant as Senator Byrd's, although they ultimately cast their votes differently.
Hillary Clinton was not vetted because she had already been opposition researched: Obama already had enough information to make his decision. A major sticking point would have been Bill Clinton's refusal to make the identity of the donors to his library available.

Hillary simply wasn't a good match for Obama, but you yourself are at least partly responsible. You cannot threaten, blackmail, or extort your way onto a presidential ticket. Your behavior, and the behavior of a handful of others like you, has been enough to raise doubts about loyalty.

Since the end of the primaries we have learned why Clinton lost: she was unable to manage and discipline her own campaign.

Now Hillary Clinton has shown a great deal of grace under circumstances that can't be happy for her. Why can't you follow her example and exhibit a little loyalty and dignity?
Hillary Clinton asked that she not be vetted unless she was guaranteed the VP slot.
Nice of you gentlemen to come and tell the little lady how horrible that nasty, mean McCain would be against the shining hero Obama, and how come you chicks don't get it?

The choice between an old, white, sexist, homophic, corporatist jerk and a younger, somewhat black, sexist, homophobic, corporatist jerk is not a winner to most women past the giggly crush stage.

At least the 3 gaffe machines will keep us entertained for the next 2-1/2 months - if you can forget that the country's welfare is at stake.
You know, sister of ye, I'm not here defending Obama because HL has a vagina. If I could find someone in the VA blogosphere who was attacking Obama and they had a penis, I would be on that blog too. I don't know how HL would take someone saying that she is some helpless female, i.e. "little lady".

You have nothing to back up your claim that Obama is sexist or homophobic. But that's what I expect from most PUMAs.
"How do we know Obama is any better? Give me one sign ...."

"Sen. Biden will be a purposeful and dynamic vice president who will help Sen. Obama both win the presidency and govern this great country."

- Hillary Clinton

There's your sign, HL. HRC said so. And she's a chick, and so and so are many if not most of the 18 million + people who voted for Obama. Obama won. If you believe in democracy, and are not being paid to throw these temper tantrums, you will acknowledge that. As RD said, YOU are hurting Hillary.
Spotter: I believe, at this point, HL wants to hurt Hillary. There is certainly no doubt she wants to hurt Democrats and help the Republicans.

Poor HL...
Oh yeah, John McCain is still a filthy fonkin' right-wing nut job.
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