Sunday, August 17, 2008

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Deborah Howell of the Washington Post once again writes a column slamming reporters for having the temerity to report only what they deem newsworthy. Like the seminal race between the first credible female presidential candidate and the first credible African-American candidate.

You see, Lil Miss Debbie is unhappy because poor Sidney McSame ain't getting any love from the media. Or at least not enough, although one intrepid reporter did investigate "the curious mind of John McCain."

The single most revealing story about McCain -- and one of the best Post stories on either candidate -- was a top-of-the-front-page look at McCain's intellect. The story, by veteran reporter and editor Robert G. Kaiser, was the kind of analysis that tells readers something they didn't know. It was neither positive nor negative, just revealing and insightful.
Remember folks, McSame is the guy who ranked 894 out of 899 at the Naval Academy. With his influential father and grand-father, McSame is just another legacy brat like Dubya; he got in Annapolis through blood not merit.

Moreover, with McSame's weekly appearances on all the Sunday gabfests for the last upteen years, Lil Miss Debbie forgot the geezer is old hat to most Americans. Back when every news article was about Bush and his merry band of enabling thugs like McSame, can't recall Miss Debbie clamoring for equal time for Dems, either.

But hey, "[t]he nomination of the first African American presidential nominee after a bitter primary campaign and his efforts to unite a party afterward" should take a backseat to the Geritol candidate with his soporific talking points such as those viewers heard last night at Saddleback Church.

Choice? Very bad. Tax Cuts? Rounds on the house for everyone. Supreme court justices? Double Alito and he'll raise you. Georgia and Russia scuffle? Evil, evil, evil. Kill. Kill. Kill.

The howler has to admit that after listening to McSame last night, she kinna finds it hard to fathom voting for him. Right about now Cynthia and Bobby are looking mighty fine. Or maybe she'll simply stay home for the first time ever.

Meanwhile back at the ranch at the Post, Miss Debbie demands that readers have equal occasions to read about the Republican presidential candidate as they do about The Chosen One. Equal time for McSame she decries, even if the guy hasn't had an original deliberation since he avoided being indicted in the Keating scandal.

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