Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who Will it Be...?

In trying to come up with the absolute best candidate for the vice presidency, Marianne Means of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes that two of the "most prominent and useful alternatives to Hillary [Clinton] conspicuously took themselves out of the running — Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and Virginia Sen. James Webb."

Hmmm, can't help but wonder if this was by design to boost Hillary's chances. Strickland was a staunch Clinton advocate; and although Webb never disclosed who was his presidential choice, every comment he made was strikingly similar to those articulated by Hillary supporters.

Well, the rancor between Barky and Hillary is so deeply embedded that folks are starting to talk; and before this tale is over, it's going to take a lot more than rhetoric and an "outreach" director to prune and grind the rotting root of resentment experienced by Hillary supporters.

Here's Means observing the dynamics behind the "unity" curtain:
Clinton, no dummy, wants her name to be put in nomination — her huge delegate count certainly gives her the right. She should indeed record for posterity how many delegates she collected in the closest nomination fight in history. Again, this may be a female issue, but it also is a matter of fairness.
In the past, Obama the Brave touted himself as a new kind of politician; one who uses spellbinding rhetoric to better mankind. But so far the pied piper of Hamelin has used his black art to better himself; indeed, his rhetoric has been used to dazzle and bamboozle folks from near and faraway lands to install him as Chief Bagpiper in Washington's magic kingdom.

Meanwhile back at the hamlet with the rats and vermin, Obama can't seem to decode the courtly sound of a few letters to enunciate a simple first name.

At the fund-raiser, [Obama] appealed for donations to help relieve Hillary's campaign debt. Tellingly, he didn't call her Hillary, which would have been an affectionate gesture, nor even senator.

He called her "Mrs. Clinton," as though they had barely met. Women sense this disdain, and naturally don't like it. He has had a hard time attracting the support of older, working-class white women in most states that Clinton won.

Sure looks like Mr. Phenomenal is a sore winner; one supposes it could be 'cause he knows history will record that he didn't really win after all; this guy is so insecure he can't say Hillary's name without gagging and going into convulsions. But this is so typical of the way Obama travels: sweet talking guy talking sweet kinda lies as he leaves behind a trail of ill feelings along the countryside.

Of Strickland and Webb, Means tellingly adds:

They left no doubt they wanted no part of an Obama presidency. These are wise men, good Democratic politicians interested in the future. It makes one wonder what they found in Obama that deterred them.

Their reasons were feeble, but crystal clear. They didn’t want to be tied as second fiddle to the guy.

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