Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tim Kaine for Vice President

The latest buzz is that former Dem chairman and staunch Hillary supporter Terry McAuliffe is backing Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine for vice president. You may recall, Kaine was one of the first governors to go out on a limb and support Obama at the start of the presidential race.

Everyone likes Tim Kaine, including the howler; she devoted endless hours to his successful campaign against Jerry Kilgore. is Kaine going to help Obama win swing states like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Michigan, please do tell...

Even though Kaine does not have the depth of experience or far-reaching national support as Hillary, the howler must admit he is a straight-up guy who can get a crowd roaring and might make a great vice presidential candidate by the sheer force of his personality and life story should the superdelegates take a chance on two guys who were essentially unknown a little over four years ago.

As a sidebar and for whatever it's worth, when attending one of Kaine's rallies a few years ago, the howler's sis said of Kaine that he put sis to mind of another great communicator, former President Bill Clinton.

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