Friday, July 04, 2008

That Was Fast

For all those Obamazoid who voted for The Chosen One because he gave a meaningless speech against the Iraq War while a lowly state senator and Hillary Clinton voted to give Bush authority -- which in their mind absolutely proved that Obama was the guy to take us out of Iraq -- nothing like a little gloating by way of recent events.

Yesiree, Howling Latina has to agree with Charles Krauthammer's latest op-ed in The Washington Post, even though it begins with some crowing of his own about flag pins, which according to a USA Today/Gallup poll is an irrelevant issue but nicely segues into the heart of the matter.

In last week's column, I thought I had thoroughly chronicled Obama's brazen reversals of position and abandonment of principles -- on public financing of campaigns, on NAFTA, on telecom immunity for post-Sept. 11 wiretaps, on unconditional talks with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- as he moved to the center for the general election campaign. I misjudged him. He was just getting started.

Last week, when the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the District of Columbia's ban on handguns, Obama immediately declared that he agreed with the decision. This is after his campaign explicitly told the Chicago Tribune last November that he believes the D.C. gun ban is constitutional.

Are we starting to feel the unity and love yet, Arianna, Chris, Olby, Dave and the boyz? Actually count the howler out, she knew it all along and tried to warn EVERYONE!

But wait, that's not all. It seems Mr. Krauthammer earlier foretold a complete reversal by Obama on withdrawing troops from Iraq. He figured by Election Day, Obama will repudiate so much of what he said during the primary that there would be little distinction between Obama and McSame. You know, on the seminal issue during the Democratic presidential campaign that Obama used to beat Hillary over the head.

Well, Krauthammer now readily admits he may have "underestimated Obama's cynicism." And the lengths Obama would go to distance himself from his own words. Why wait for Election Day when you you can do now?

Krauthammer has updated his time frame; he now predicts Obama will make the about-face much sooner. Like immediately after Obama returns from his dog and pony show, er, fact-finding trip to Iraq.

"The shift has already begun," he notes. "Yesterday, he said that his 'original position' on withdrawal has always been that 'we've got to make sure that our troops are safe and that Iraq is stable.' And that 'when I go to Iraq . . . I'll have more information and will continue to refine my policies.'"

He hasn't even gone to Iraq and the flip is almost complete. All that's left to say is that the 16-month time frame remains his goal but that he will, of course, take into account the situation on the ground and the recommendation of his generals in deciding whether the withdrawal is to occur later or even sooner.


In other words, equal to Barky's two-faced backtracking on public financing, the writing is on the wall. Obama's campaign will claim any promises made to MILLIONS of Democratic primary voters were just "inartful" rubbish. So don't cry for me Move on, cry for yourself. You've been duped, bamboozled, flim-flammed, snookered, okie-dokied, and the grifter didn't even have the courtesy to give you a heads-up so you could get your talking points straight before he started doing all his back pedaling.

And before Obamazoids start screaming about Krauthammer as the howler's source, go ahead and read the front-page New York Times article, it's the exact sentiment with tell-all details.

Can I just say how perfect this graphic is? It's not actually backpedaling, but it's been labeled as such and you apparently can't figure that out (or don't care). Which, in your case, is perfectly representative of this entry.
Obama supporters are amazing. Even though their Golem has changed positions over and over and over; they can't even admit he's a smooth talking politician who changes his position, in other words, "more of the same." It is just too much to ask for them to be intellectually honest or even, oops, mistaken.

I hated Krauthammer's neo-con leanings, but he had Obama pegged for months.
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