Saturday, July 26, 2008

Say it Ain't So Donna...

Howling Latina always knew that Donna Brazile's saccharine smile meant absolutely nothing; she was not a good person (to borrow a phrase from another not-so-good person who'll soon be leaving Number One Observatory Circle).

Yes, even before Brazile led poor Al Gore into the abyss, the howler knew she was a phony. But...could Donna be a Rovian mole?

Well before you accuse the howler of wrapping her tin foil hat on too tightly, read on. It seems Donna Iscariot has a Rovian connection and more.

[T]he Rove-Brazile tryst merits further exploration," writes Rosemary Regello of The City Edition.

They first hooked up some time in 2002, according to the New York Times. The connection might have been a means for Brazile to expand her clientele, but she dismissed that angle in an interview, implying she had bigger fish to fry. It was the Democrats' lackluster relations with African Americans and poor track record in elections, she said, that led her to start trailblazing new frontiers. In her view, the Republicans had a better machine.

''The idea is to re-energize the African-American electorate and revive the Democratic Party at the same time,'' she told Times reporter Katharine Seelye, ''I want to revitalize the party from the grass roots up. We're losing voters.''

With that noble cause in mind, she and Rove began to "chirpily exchange e-mail, chat on the phone and write letters, indulging in their shared zeal for the inner workings of politics," Seelye wrote.

Oh dear. the beginning of a beautiful friendship that only got better and stronger with time; here are the gory details -- if you can stomach the stench from the sleeper Judas mole.

Oh, and on a rich endnote, it seems Rove has his own electoral map with his very own math. Contrary to nearly every poll, Obama wins in a squeaker. That's right. Barky leads McSame 272 to 183.

Minnesota? No problem; give it Obama. Give him Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Iowa as well. Montana? Yeah, give that one to him, too.

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