Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oops, He Did it Again

Forget about Obama's "gentle" rebuke of Gen. Wesley Clark; it's a brand new day with new talking points. Especially after Sen. Jim Webb smacked down McSame for "inserting his military service" into the race as his preeminent qualification over Obama.

A little smack down that would've been nicer, by the way, if it had come from the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and leader of our party. Good luck on that one.

But to fan the flames, add even more salt to wound, injury to the insult, etc., in an interview today Obama acted as if he never contradicted Clark about McSame's presidential credentials less than 24 hours ago. Barky's lame excuse is that the speech he gave was written "months ago."

Yes, that's all well and good except it doesn't exactly explain his rejection of General Clark's statement, which has absolutely nothing to do with his speech.

In the ultimate dog and pony show, Corrente masterfully pins the tail on the pony by noting that "Obama both reject[ed] and defend[ed] Clark’s comments," in accordance with his majestic sense of honor. Of course, "either way he’s [always] doing the right thing."

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia goated McSame into a piss fight by defending Clark. McSame then foolishly accused Webb of coordinating his attack with Obama; a losing proposition except the narrative of Obama incapable of speaking for himself.

It's come down to McSame indicting Obama for pusillanimity, i.e., no balls. Can't imagine that narrative flying if Mountain Mama were the nominee.

Big Tent Democrat of Talk Left just hopes and prays "the Obama camp [doesn't] cower with a rejection of Webb. Just saying...

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