Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama Hypocrisy (And Media)

Black Agent Reports writes a cogent post titled, "Obama (and Big Media) Turn Blind Eye to Israeli Apartheid."

Something the howler failed to think about in the throes of being too Barackupied -- too busy to think about anything or anybody but The Chosen One.

It's well worth a read; and here are a few observations that should melt even the most cold-blooded vertebrate animal.

Barack Obama's smiling brown face and Kansas-Kenya parentage are key elements in the Obama brand, that hazy image of progressive, post-racial transformation at home and abroad which lie at the heart of his appeal. At the same time, Barack Obama is committed to preserving what he calls Israel's “identity as a Jewish state”, the polite term for what much of the rest of the world recognizes as an apartheid state.

A June 29 editorial by no less a member of the Israeli elite than Amos Schocken, the publisher of Ha'aretz, Israel's daily newspaper of record is titled “Citizenship Law Makes Israel An Apartheid State” The gist of it is that the Israeli government prohibits recognition of marriages or family reunions between Arabs with Israeli citizenship and Arabs who live within the borders of Israel-Palestine in the bantustans of Gaza and the West Bank --- inside the borders of Israel-Palestine but without Israeli citizenship.

Where is the outrage? One supposes in Obamaland and media, two absolute wrongs can and do make a right. Yes it can...

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