Friday, July 04, 2008

Kumbaya Bus

You were forewarned...if you didn't support Obama, you would be facing a challenger in the primaries. And we're mighty glad some of you came around to see things our way but..

Oops, so sorry...we're gonna do it anyway; you're getting "primaried."

The New York Times headlines a new phenomena that's spreading like wildfire throughout the land: "A New Campaign Charge: You Supported Clinton." As if that were the most abhorrent vile thing...

After all, we're not talking about the Bennie Lambert type of travesty of supporting a Republican candidate over the Democratic one; support by 18 million voters for the obviously most qualified presidential candidate in the race by way of Hillary was not a travesty.

Nevertheless, some Obama unity thugs are trying to primary Rep. Edolphus Towns of New York, a 13-term incumbent because he "did not share his constituency’s preference for Mr. Obama."

Rep. John Lewis is also receiving love and attention. He now faces "primary challenges from two black candidates who have been critical of him for backing Mrs. Clinton for months before shifting to Mr. Obama."

Ditto for Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York who faces a primary opponent making a big stink out of "Mr. Meeks’s support of the Clinton campaign in a district...where Mr. Obama drew nearly 56 percent of the vote."

No word from Obama Central about the unity paybacks; but apparently it's okay to punish Hillary supporters except when it ain't.

Representative John Barrow, who is white but represents a district that is largely black, is under attack from a challenger who says Mr. Barrow was also late to endorse Mr. Obama.


[O]ne district — Mr. Barrow’s in Savannah — is considered vulnerable to Republican competition in the fall. And there, Mr. Obama surprised many black leaders by endorsing Mr. Barrow, a conservative Democrat who did not endorse him until after the Georgia primary.

Regina Thomas, a Georgia state senator who is black and is running for the seat, said that voters shared her displeasure with Mr. Obama’s decision. “This is what one constituent said to me, ‘Barrow didn’t do anything to help Obama win the 12th District,’ ” she said. “After he endorsed Barrow, people were like: ‘What in the world is he doing? Why doesn’t he just stay out of it?’ ”

Should've toed the line, suckers; unless you live in a white district, of course; now run along and sing kumbaya from the back of the bus.

Oh, I'm sorry; that's right; you're still a superdelegate. You still have time to do the right thing.

H/T Pagan Power.

I don't know anyhing about these other officials, but I think we all owe a great debt to John Lewis. I would hate to see him have to face a primary challenge. What is the source of this information?
Never mind. I see it's from the same NYT article. Maybe Obama needs to go pay a visit to Rep. Lewis. That should put a stop to it.
Shopping the cheap battery,you can see from here.
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