Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eight Supers Switch Allegiance

Hot diggity supers!!!!

Alegre's Corner reports that eight superdelegates -- if given the opportunity -- would switch their votes from Obama to Hillary.

Alegre identifies likely reasons for the change of heart:
Politico may have stumbled upon one or two reasons why the Supers are starting to take a fresh look at Hillary...The folks on the Hill (aka Super delegates) are getting pissed at BHO for the lack of effort on his part when it comes to fundraising, coordination and support theyre getting in their own bid for re-election etc.
Oh and you know those pesky poll numbers of Obama against McSame? Well, it looks like if Hillary were the Democratic nominee, the race wouldn't be as tight. Obama leads McSame, 47 percent to 45 percent while Hillary whips McSame 50 percent to 42 percent.

Hmmm, what that ol' saying about counting chickens before they hatch? Or is it somethin' about chickens coming to roost?!?

Kukeleku to ye'all...

H/T Cannon Fire.

we appreciate you spreading the word... thanks to you and some other blogs creating a buzz, this got picked up by some MAJOR news aggregators, and our traffic quadrupled overnight!
You mean the "eight" that cannot be confirmed???? I read the link- these are UNCONFIRMED.

Seriously, follow HRC's lead and move on. Virginia is now a battleground state and we have a lot to gain here.

Oh yeah, how about those fundraising numbers?
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