Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DNC Stealing Hillary Votes

The howler hadn't heard any recent buzz about the delegate situation so she foolishly thought the matter had been settled. Hillary delegates would vote for Hillary, of course.

But...she was wrong; more high-jinks from Obamaland is on its way; it's not enough the DNC took away Hillary votes from Michigan and awarded them to Obama; nope, they now want to take ALL her votes away and give them to Obama.

Alegre's Corner links to an article in The Wall Street Journal chronicling Obama's thoughts on the subject; and the verdict is in. Obama thinks to allow Hillary to claim her rightful delegates in Denver would beget famine, pestilence, chaos and confusion and besides he could lose it all. STILL...

A full roll-call vote that reminds everyone how close she came to being the nominee could reveal party rifts going into the fall campaign, they said.
Party rifts, my ass; they're scared out of their claptraps that supers will change their minds and vote for Hillary. Alegre explains the fraud with a quote from former undeclared superdelegate Donna Brazille:

Sen. Clinton's campaign office didn't answer emails seeking comment. Under party rules, Sen. Clinton's huge delegate count gives her the right to put her name into nomination. "But do you do it?" asked Ms. Brazile. "Politically, does it heighten tensions?"

Yes, she really did say that; one supposes to absolutely prove what a shameless phony she is and has always been.

Until now, Donna had no problem with the disenfranchisement of two HUGE swing states. She didn't have problems with taking delegates from "uncomitted" and Hillary, and giving them to Obama. "Michigan and Florida had to play by the rules", she said. Florida democrats grew hoarse repeating the same thing over and over again: that they were unable to move the primary date; that they lived in a state controlled by Republicans at every level; that Republicans attached the bill to essential legislations and put the primary at the same date as a crucial ballot initiative. "No sale", said Donna. "Rules are rules", said Donna.

Donna, how do you spell hypocrisy, corruption, shilling and selling out?? Donna, how do you spell hypocrisy, corruption, shilling and selling out??

DNC, give Hillary her rightful votes...she more than earned each and every one of them, you thieves. And like The Confluence notes, she only needs "to convince 175 superdelegates that voting for Obama is a really bad idea and it will be Hillary onstage at Invesco Field."

There is an Obama Town Hall event at Robinson High School in Fairfax tomorrow, Thursday July 10 at 1:15 p.m. Doors open at 11:30 a.m.

The event is free but a ticket is required. I think they have all been grabbed up but there might be more available. I have seen a couple offered on Craig's List.

Stop by the Obama office at 11184 Lee Hwy in Fairfax and maybe they can help you out.

They just opened the office and it is staffed by some very nice and very enthusiastic young people.

Stop by and say hello to them. And offer some of your time to volunteer for the campaign.

We have a legitimate shot at carrying Virginia. Let's make it happen!
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I really appreciate the link. Thanks! ~.~
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