Saturday, July 26, 2008

Disenfranchised Voters Can Request Voting Right Restored

The Washington Post has an op-ed decrying the sad state of affairs in Virginia as they relate to voting rights for convicted felons.

Virginia and Kentucky are the only two states in the Union that permanently take away citizen rights to vote if they've been convicted of a felony. "The good news," Post sanguinely notes, "is that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine has pledged to expedite the review process for eligible petitioners who submit a one-page application (for nonviolent felonies) by Friday in time to participate in November and thereafter."


Hell, the howler says give every felon his or her right to vote. She's so sick of hearing and reading about past mistakes following people to their graves. Felons paid their debt to society. If a former teen gang-banger (oh, like say some former state senator's daughter) had a youthful indescretion and did something wrong, should that person be disenfranchised for life? She doesn't think so...and neither should you.

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