Friday, July 11, 2008

The Denver Group

With the latest DNC outrage of trying to strip away Hillary delegates to give to Obama at the Democratic convention in Denver, PUMAs decided to strike back by way of an ad campaign.

Yes, the agile terrestrial wild cats had enough of Howard Dean, Donna Brazille and the rest of the gamy gang and decided to do something about it, initially through hard-hitting posts in the blogosphere and now through The Denver Group, a group of like-minded Democrats whose goal is to let every voice be raised and heard.

Indeed, by increasing their terrain through ad-buys starting today in Obama's own backyard, The Denver Group will be highlighting to the world the incredible mockery of democratic principles by Obama supporters in their demand that Hillary fork over her delegates because according to them stealing is good for Obama, er, democracy.

Well, here's what The Denver Group had to say about that one:
There are many ways for voices to be heard. But one of the best is using mass media, especially when the news media isnt doing an honest job reporting the facts or standing up for basic principles.Using mass media to accomplish a goal not only reaches a lot of people in one shot with a lot of impact, it also let's people know there are significant resources behind it and it's something to be reckoned with. One full page ad in the Washington Post could have the impact of 50,000 emails or letters sent by individuals.
And with such a big hairy audacious goal as a full-page ad, the group started raising money for the soon-to-come advertising blitz, accepting no contribution over $5000 -- a nice way to keep the organization focused and grounded -- without any fatcats wandering off into enemy territory.

The first yield from the drive is this nice hard-hitting ad published in the Chicago Tribune.

H/T Alegre's Corner.

That flush you down the toilet.
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