Monday, July 28, 2008

Chris Matthews as Senator?

Washington Whispers has an item concerning MSNBC's blowhard running for the Senate seat against Sen. Arlen Specter in '10 and how he might have a problem gathering female votes in the Keystone State.
[A]llies once thought Matthews was just floating a Senate bid to help in his contract talks with MSNBC [but] now tell us that he's eager to reach out to important Pennsylvania voting groups and leaders and has even won the backing of his wife. One big concern: his nasty hit on Sen. Hillary Clinton as a "she-devil," for which he was slammed as sexist. "He is concerned he ruined it with the women vote," says an associate.
Nah, you think...? Chris Matthews is a sexist, misogynist pig that should've been fired from MSNBC a long time ago.

The howler suspects Tweety's high office aspirations will go about as well as Lil Bro. As some of you may recall, Jim Matthews ran for lieutenant governor with former football great Lynn Swann as he aspired to become governor. Both were swamped at the polls, although Jim managed in '07 to scrape third place for Montgomery County commissioner with "three open seats.

Whisper goes on to note that Matthews has already "drawn up a list of feminists to contact" to help him win over bitter women voters that overwhelmingly supported Hillary in the Democratic presidential primary.

Hmmm, don't expect Hillary to lift a finger nail for that loudmouth. can bet your last tweety pie that if Pennsylvania had not been swinging blue the last couple of election cycles, Matthews would be running as a Republican.

Arlen Specter has been fighting cancer for the last few years but more than likely will run for reelection when his term expires in '10. If Tweety decides to enter the race, he'll have to win the primary first.

What an awful prospect. Sen. Tweety doesn't have a good ring to it.
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