Sunday, July 13, 2008

Primary Colors

Charlie Rose had a very interesting guest on Friday night, John H. McWhorter, author of All About the Beat: Why Hip Hop Can't Save Black America.

With McWhorter's latest release, Rose was featuring his book and asking him about the premise that hip-hop had failed black America. Absent of getting into the issue of whoever said that hip hop was/is/should save anyone, as the Los Angeles Times did last month in their review of McWhorter's book, the howler only wishes to provide a few salient observations by McWhorter that stand out far above any musings on the moribund hip hop genre.

Something has been growing in the deep trenches of the howler's brain and festering like an intracranial tumor with no outlet for release; and that is the loud phony outrage expressed by Obama supporters anytime anyone dared to say the obvious during the Democratic presidential primary that might negatively impact Obama's message of "hope" (such as Obama could lose in November while Hillary would be a shoo-in).

McWhorter spoke of the problem and couched false charges of racism as a force that's diluting the brunt of the word. McWhorter notes that "racism is not saying something blacks don't like," and accusing people of bigotry at the drop of a hat only serves to minimize the power of the word through overuse.

Contrary to MSNBC and the blogger boyz, McWhorter concludes there was absolutely nothing Bill or Hillary Clinton said or did during the campaign that was remotely racist; and any charges of racism were politically motivated; and yes, this especially includes the comment by former President Bill Clinton in pointing out that a win by Obama in North Carolina did not necessarily mean a win by Obama was foreordained. Unfortunately mainstream media and blogger boyz made sure charges of racism stuck around long enough to win over credulous Dems who would never vote for a racist man-eating she-devil.

And before anyone rushes to point out that McWhorter is a Senior Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank as well as a columnist at The New York Sun, a newspaper with a right/center bent, first read this article in The New Republic. McWhorter praises Obama's speech on race relations; moreover, he confided to Rose that he supports Obama.

Be that as it may, Barky was obviously running out of fuel toward the end of the primary season -- as evidenced by his succession of losses. But in came Howard Dean and Donna Brazille to the rescue with DNC mop-up duty. Drop a giant cover over Hillary's 18 million votes inside their all-purpose "rules" and voila, the anointment was complete and democracy was destroyed in '08.

Wonder ye then at the fiery pushback? PUMAs will not rest until justice is served and Hillary is awarded every single delegate she won during the primaries and her name is placed in nomination for a roll-call in Denver.

Forgive me if you answered this question elsewhere, but what if Hillary releases her delegates prior to the convention? Will PUMAs still insist on a roll-call vote? If so, who does that ultimately serve?
That definitely would be a horse of a different primary color.
Your post reminded me of incident; if I can find anything linky on it, I'll post-- I think it would reinforce your position.

Re: the delegates. I'm sorry but nobody can release nothing. Delegates are a lot like juries-- the judge can tell you have to do thus and so forth, but when that big door swings shut, it is a free for all and the jury does what it damn well pleases. Even a rigged vote could yield surprises. If I were a delegate, even a gun to my head (yes, I'm that stubborn) would not get me to vote for Obama.
Actually Bob, you're not stubborn. You're doing what you pledged to do. As will the Obama delegates. That's why this race is over.
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