Friday, July 04, 2008

Charlie Crist to Wed - Inside Scoop

Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida announced his engagement to his girlfriend of nine months, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Howling Latina rarely--if ever -- has an honest to goodness scoop; she is no insider but...a few weeks ago, she happened to be at a party where a current Bush administration insider with deep roots in Florida was drinking rather heavily; they began to chat about possible v-p candidates for McSame.

With rumors of Crist's alternative lifestyle, the howler mentioned Crist to see how the insider would respond. And lo and behold, you could've hit her with a ton of bricks when he honestly blurted out. "No way, he's gay; it would come out during the campaign."

"Yea," the howler responded; and that was that. But she guesses a shotgun wedding of convenience ALA Rock Hudson will go a long way toward cooling accusing hot tongues during the general election.

Not that there's anything wrong with being gay...right GOPers...? On the other hand, perhaps this is just a trial balloon by McSame to see who knows what while Crist gets his ducks, er vows in a row in case McSame calls him up.

Update: boy culture has details on the "engaygement."

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Sure give out his name so poor sap can get fired.

It is what it is. And that's what was said.
rb, I deleted your foul comment. If you'd like to repost minus the foul language, you're welcome to do so.

And by the bye, while we're on the subject of names, too bad you don't have a profile, Mr. Open Book Execration.
Are you nuts?! Crist may end up on the ticket! If you're not careful you may hurt your boy McCain's chances and wind up with Obama as President!
Crist may be the ticket to swining FLA and winning the election. There are a few other GOPer guvs who can help the McCain ticket as well. Who's who as Veeps on the ticket this time is going to be very important, methinks.

If McCain names Powell as his Veep-- well, game over-- even with the UN debacle hung around his neck.
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