Sunday, July 27, 2008

Capitán Obama's Trip...

Without Party has an awesome link detailing the deceptive and self-serving reason why Barky went on his ego trip to the Land of Oz.

Obama's trip has nothing to do with foreign policy other than appearances. Obama's trip is to increase his popularity abroad, provide photo ops, etc. but for one overarching reason: By doing so, Obama is cementing himself as nominee so that Democratic superdelegates are forced to vote for him in Denver so as not to make the world upset and make the DNC look foolish.

Obama did not visit wounded soldiers, ostensibly because he was told not to by the Pentagon or because he couldn't be followed by his media entourage. Take your pick. It doesn't matter. Obama's trip was not a "campaign trip" to sway voters in America. It was a trip to sway opinion abroad to force the Democrats to not even think about voting for Hillary in Denver. A photo op with wounded soldiers mattered not. American opinion of the trip matters not. Only the opinion of the world matters.

This, in a way, was the true point of no return for Obama. The last nail in Hillary's coffin. The proverbial "Cortes burning his ships."

Except maybe Cortes's soldiers have a few lifeboats this time around. This is the twenty-first century, after all, not 1519 and Hillary's brigade is at the scene of the blaze with emergency provisions.

It's okay with me if you don't like Obama, but how 'bout not spreading the rightwing lies about his visiting (or not visiting) wounded troops? Here's some support for the truth on that issue: 23:47 7/28/2008
Andrea Mitchell: McCain ad is 'literally not true'

Former Ramstein medical chief denounces McCain

13:15 7/28/2008
Face The Nation: Reed & Hagel Slam McCain's Desperate Tactics

Wow; Robert Gibbs, Barack's Sr. Strategist may have just put to bed the troop visit

Pentagon Confirms That It Told Obama He Couldn't Visit Army Base With Campaign Staff

16:49 7/27/2008
Thank you Reed and Hagel.

Pentagon Official Who Sandbagged Obama=Bush Appointee & Former Aide To Helms & Lott
also see:
The quote about the reasons clearly states, "Take your pick." I guess we know which one you chose.
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