Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Buzz is Growing

Obama leads Hillary by a measly 123 "pledged" delegates. And as Charles Signorile of Channel 9 News wisely notes it still remains to be seen how superdelegates will vote in Denver.

Heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown University law professor likes to often remind people that "there’s...'no way of predicting' the outcome should there be a fair vote. That’s because Obama has not secured enough pledged delegates to ensure the magic number of 2,118 needed to claim victory; the Illinois senator has gone past that benchmark only with the pledges of about 390 superdelegates — and they can change their minds at any time up to the moment they cast their ballots.

"If they had a meaningful vote, I have no idea who would win," Feldman says. "But I know that if Sen. Obama were sure he would win, there wouldn't be a negotiation" about Clinton's role at the convention.

Obamazoids and the media know perfectly well that party rulez, the very ones they perpetually quoted during the primaries give superdelegates the instrumentality to override caucus voters -- especially after Hillary won every major swing state in the Union, Obama began to backtrack on every promise made to voters and as a result, he started to tank at the polls.

It's insulting that Hillary supporters have to keep reminding people who know better every minute of the day that "[t]he 438 superdelegates currently backing Obama have the opportunity to change their vote at any point between now and the convention, similar to the way an individual who responds to a Gallup poll may change their vote between now and election day."

Last time the howler checked, it was still a free country. Right after the media coronated Obama as the presumptive nominee, in hindsight, he probably should have sent an immediate signal to Hillary that she was his sweetie and the one and only for him.

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