Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why are Hillary Supporters Angry?

No, it's not because of our gene pool; or our periodic bouts of depression. There are quite a few excellent reasons for our anger, actually.

There is an awesome article about the reasons, but it's too late in the evening for me to do it justice. So if you truly want to find out what motivates PUMAs, read the linked article by Rebecca Traister of Salon; you will be enlightened.

The only thing the howler would like to add is this: We're also mad because the better qualified candidate lost; and we're mad because Obama might lose a historic opportunity to win the White House and have a veto proof majority in the Senate. No biggie, right?

H/T The Confluence.

So... you're way of showing your fear that we might not win the White House is to NOT help win the White House?

Pardon me, but that makes about as much sense as sh*t flavored ice cream.

So the candidate YOU thought was best lost? That's politics. Not everybody can win. "Qualified" doesn't matter. The people chose Obama. All you're doing is sapping your own credibility by sounding a hell of a lot like Joe Liebermen.
Exactly. You don't always get your way. That's life, that's politics. I'm 52 years old, and I've never had the opportunity to vote for a candidate that I personally cared about, that truly spoke to me, that I believed in 100%. But I sucked it up every two years and voted anyway for the one who more closely represented my interests, even if I had to hold my nose to do it. Of course you're free to support whomever you want, but this is certainly among the more fatuous reasons I've ever heard to vote for a particular candidate. You're trying to sink the ship because you don't like the captain. That's not just poor form, it's self-destructive. You're sinking yourself, too.
This is just a minor correction, but I think you meant "filibuster-proof majority in the Senate." A filibuster-proof majority in the Senate is 60 seats, which is within the realm of possibility. A veto-proof majority is 67 seats, which is an impossibility for this election cycle.
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