Monday, June 02, 2008

We F----d Up

The Democratic National Committee has truly f----d up in every which way possible! The Swamp notes of "ironies that abound for Dems." Not the good kind, either.

It's ironic that the most front-loaded primary schedule in party history has stretched into June without a clear winner. It's ironic that states that scrambled to vote on Feb. 5 missed out on the attention now being showered on their more-patient neighbors. (Who would have thought Barack Obama would spend nearly as much time campaigning in South Dakota as in California?)

It's ironic that the only two states to defy the national party's calendar restrictions now appear to get only half a voice each at the Democratic National Convention.

DNC and Donna Brazille were too cute by half; and it's very likely their machinations will cost the party the White House.

The late date allows [Democratis] to avoid competing with the Beijing Olympics for television time. It also was supposed to avoid a pitfall of 2004: locking the party nominee into general-election public financing earlier than the Republican nominee. Essentially, it was supposed to allow the Democratic candidate to spend more money closer to November.

Here's the irony: Obama and Clinton have shattered fundraising records. Neither of them figures to opt into the public financing system for the general election.

Inauspiciously, Barack has decided to once again coronate himself winner. This week, it's in St. Paul, Minn-- the very place where Walter Mondale conceded defeat in one the largest landslide in the history of the United States against Ronald Reagan.

Yes, we can. Yes, we will. Lose that is.

Really? You're including yourself in "we"? One who is considering voting for McCain?
We will lose? We will see. The vitriol to Barack Obama, our historic nominee, is completely unnecessary, uncalled for, undeserved, unappreciated, and sure won't be forgotten.

I'll tell you one thing, however. With Clinton, there's absolutely no guarantee of winning either, my friend.

For any campaign to make the argument that only they can win as the Democratic nominee is silly, false, and destructive to the party.

FWIW, as a Clinton supporter through Pennsylvania, when it became clear to me that Obama would win the nomination and the important thing was to get behind our nominee, I think if we as Democrats keep our heads and do not let this dissension grow any further, Obama will beat McCain handily.

IMHO, it will take supporters of both candidates to make that happen by keeping focused on what is at stake and ignoring the more aggressive speech coming from the extremists on both sides.
Aznew: I agree with you in as much as unity is the only way to defeat McCain, but getting there from here, well, isn't currently looking very realistic. I hope I'm wrong. The problem is that even if we are completely unified as a Party, and every person who voted for Kerry votes for Obama, we must still convince that slim minority of voters who have yet to make up their mind who they want to vote for in November: the fonkin' "Undecideds." Those folks voted for Dubya last time around. Would they swing the other way this time? That doesn't make any sense, but neither do those voters. Flip a coin.
Jim Webb will be endorsing Obama by the end of the week.
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