Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time to Attack, Dems

Why are Dems including Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama surrogates allowing Republicans to frame the high gas prices as anything but the fault of misleading, misguided and mismanaged Bush policies?

As good as Sen. Joe Biden usually is at Sunday gabfests, the howler had the sinking feeling as she watched "Meet the Press" this morning that Mr. Rule-of-law-oh-and- I'm-not-gay Lindsey Graham was eating Biden's lunch for breakfast on the subject.

Every time a Dem official or progressive pundit speaks, they need to hammer away at the amnesia of forgetful audiences and remind them that EVERYTHING wrong with this country is the fault of Bush and his supine brethren in Congress. And that includes the war in Iraq; the huge budget deficits; the cost of fuel; the tanking real estate marketplace; failing schools; disdain of America by the world. EVERYTHING!

Minds are being made up about Obama in relationship to party brand ALA Kerry in '04, Dukakis in '88 and Mondale in '84.

Dems remain silent at their peril; and it would really piss off the howler if the new politics of hope and change ends up costing Dems the Senate.

Obamazoids keep telling PUMAs that electing McSame would destroy Roe. Hate to break it to you, boyz, but not as much as a Republican president to go along with a Republican Senate. Come to think about it, that very chilling thought is why the howler fights on. Leave it to the Democrats to find a way to screw up what should be a landslide.

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