Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert - RIP

It's truly hard to believe that Tim Russert is dead at the age of 58. Although "Meet the Press" has been kinna lame of late, it's like The New York Times writes, Russert has been "a fixture in American homes on Sunday mornings and election nights" for a very long time.

“He really was the best political journalist in America, not just the best television journalist in America,” said Al Hunt, the Washington executive editor of Bloomberg News and the former Washington bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal.
Howling Latina can't imagine ANYONE at NBC or MSNBC who can fill the shoes of the "hard-hitting" but fair prober. Certainly not Chris Matthews; and certainly not Keith Olbermann. If anything, both should've been fired a long time ago.

You take what started out as a good post morning a man's death, and then use it as an excuse to take another pot shot at Keith Olbermann. Shame on you.
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Why are these comments shocking? What else do the self-desribed "PUMAs" do other than complain about everything, even when someone has died?
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