Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shenanigans from Dr. Dean

It is the howler's understanding that by Hillary suspending her candidacy (as opposed to withdrawing), her delegates are still bound to her on the first ballot.

Well, it seems Dr. Dean, in the interest of party unity, has summarily decided to change tradition and thwart the will of Democratic presidential primary voters by discouraging any votes for Hillary on the initial ballot.

Party unity, my ass. Courtesy of Pagan Power, we learn that no matter what Obamatrons say today, "history and precedent favor placing Hillary’s name on the first ballot."
If Dean and his puny 167.5 delegates got onto the ballot (in 2004), then the person with the most votes in Democratic primary history certainly deserves equal treatment. Anything less isn’t fair or right. And it sure isn’t party unity.
Yep,, and Ted Kennedy, another Obama supporter, "had the right to contest the nomination when he was 1000 delegates behind Carter" in 1976.

But so what if Hillary has 1640 pledged delegates...? Who is counting delegates when at this late stage in the process Obama has clearly won the nomination as everyone knows...???

Or maybe not...And that could be a problem for Dr. Dean and others.

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