Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oops, Obama and Pals Got a Little Wet...

It looks like the gods from above aren't any happier with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee than the 17 million Americans who voted for Hillary.

Tonight Obama decided to have a rally in the middle of a hurricane. All right, it wasn't a hurricane, just a major storm that was predicted a week ago.

Yep, it was the biggest deluge the area had seen since, oh, since yesterday. One supposes it was too much to ask Obamaland to check the weather before making elaborate plans to celebrate his coronation.

But just as the Obama rally was getting underway, the skies opened and let out a huge roar; it was raining cats and dogs throughout the entire Washington Metropolitan area (and not the McCain kind).

The Nissan Pavilion -- home of the police state where Latinos are harassed by police and where the lovefest was held -- came under a tornado watch. The venue was Obama's big-shout out to the homies that didn't vote for him.

Not exactly auspicious...for those like the howler who believe in such things.

Update: The rally is set for tomorrow; may the sun shine on The Chosen One -- even if his venue is still all wet!


the events are tomorrow. bristol at 11:30 and bristow at 6:00 (gates open at 3:00).

i'm a volunteer coordinator and can get you in as a helper. you want to be a helper right?

seriously girl, get over it. think of the alternative to Barak.

more war, supremes gone, economic disaster, no health care for those most in need, and then there is the environment....

so gotta know soon. gonna get on the train???


Are you so desparate to disparage the Democrat who isn't your choice that you don't even realize that the event wasn't Wednesday? When you posted this entry, the event was still 18 hours away.

It's time to really think about what you're doing here. Senator Clinton is scheduled to concede on Saturday. Does that mean you will be following suit? Or will you continue to disparage the candidate (something the Republican machine is sorely hoping will continue through the summer).
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