Friday, June 20, 2008

Olbermann & Matthews Pining for Russert's Job

The New York Post via Tennessee Guerilla Women writes that Tweety and Olby are lusting after Tim Russert's old job at "Meet the Press."

TIM Russert’s body wasn’t even cold in the ground before MSNBC anchors Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann started jockeying for his job, sources claim. According to our spy, “Chris, with his loud voice, was going over a pitch for Tim’s job. He was saying, ‘You know, Tim’s thing was this, and my thing is that.’ It was unbelievably tacky.” . . . Meanwhile, Matthews’ MSNBC cable cohort Olbermann, who was also at the memorial, is “threatening to quit if he isn’t installed as Russert’s replacement,” another insider said.
Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Any regular reader of the howler knows that she's a staunch believer in the law of cosmic just deserts.

Like TG offers, it was only a few short months ago when Olby went into a full blown tirade, foaming at the mouth with smoke coming out of his expansive ears because according to him the mere mention by Hillary on the duration of Democratic primaries in the same breath as Bobby Kennedy absolutely proved that she was "hoping and praying for the assassination of her opponent."

Now the body ain't even cold. Why can you not hear the universe having a hearty laugh with Tim Russert about the audacity of hypocrisy?!?

Have you no shame at all?

This story was "reported" on the disreputable "page 6" of the disreputable New York Post. One of Rupert Murdoch's propaganda pieces.

It has been debunked and is completely untrue. This is well known. I hope you didn't know it was a lie when you posted it. I prefer to think you didn't. If I'm wrong, shame on you.

If you are correct about the cosmic law of just desserts you had better hope it doesn't apply to you for consistently posting this bogus stuff.

It is curious how you constantly quote Fox News and Murdoch publications and right wing lunatic web sites. And you regurgitate the stuff they spew uncritically.

Did it ever occur to you to crosscheck any facts prior to publishing? If you would do that it would save you from the embarrassment of posting outrageous stuff that is widely known to be untrue. And you would be taken more seriously.

It would also prevent you from unwittingly adding to the wider dissemination of these wild stories and outrageous lies that are originally published by folks with less than pure motivations. They count on folks like you to spread their lies for them.

You mentioned in an earlier post that several blogs have removed their links to your blog. In that post you made it sound like it was personal in some way.

I'm sure it was not personal. I suspect that you are a good person. But people don't usually want to link to a blog that is not considered to be credible or is destructive in the pursuit of a personal agenda.

I doubt any of those who removed their links to your blog did so because of a difference of opinion. I suspect it was the tone and the regular publishing of things that are simply not true.

Like the subject of this latest post.
Yellow Dog, it looks like I wasn't the only one to post about the buzz. Google and you shall find.

Murdoch may be a right wing hatemonger, but so is Olbermann. They're the flip side of the exact same coin. And dialogues are not made up out of thin air.

In fact, I was kind. I didn't even mention Keith's little threat to leave MSNBC unless he gets the gig. Olbermann is about as qualified to moderate "Meet the Press" as Bush was to be president. Not at all.
Hell, even Tom Brokaw chimed in on moderators-in-waiting.

"Interestingly, Tom Brokaw joked about the future of Meet the Press at the start of Russert's memorial service Wednesday. 'The largest contingent of all in this room,' Brokaw said, 'those who think that they should be his successor on "Meet the Press." The line got a lot of laughs and a round of applause."

Guess folks were laughing 'cause they knew it was all too true.
It is just as well that you didn't publish that tidbit about the Olberman threat because it is just as untrue as the rest of your post.

Personally, I find Olberman to be very hard to take. He is very full of himself. Still, I don't quite understand what twisted logic you are using to justify your own behavior.

How does the fact that Olberman is a pompous windbag justify you in publishing things you know to be false? Or at best publish things from dubious sources that you haven't made any effort to verify.

Do you have no ethical standards?
It is also very disturbing that you excuse your behavior with the flippant comment that you aren't the only one posting these falsehoods. "Google and you shall find", you said.

So that is the low standard to which you hold yourself? That lots of other people are posting these lies, so it is okay for you to do it too?

I guess personal responsibility and integrity and truthfullness are quaint and old fashioned. I guess that is why the online world can be such a cesspool. It's a shame you have chosen to contribute to the situation by posting this garbage.

You are capable of so much better. I've read your stuff on the death penalty and other subjects where you have something worthwhile to say and contribute to meaningful debate on controversial issues.

I don't know where this awful trend on your blog comes from, but I hope you will stop.

Go back and read what you have written. Talk to friends you trust to be objective and seek their opinion. But please stop. You are adding nothing and you are damaging your credibility and reputation.

Enjoy your weekend with your family.
If you care -- and it seems unlikely that you do -- Keith Olbermann not only denies having said any such thing, but said on his own program on Thursday night that the notion was preposterous because he is not qualified (this was Keith saying it about Keith).

He also gave context to Matthews' comments. I don't remember the context, but the essence of the story is that he was not talking about replacing Russert but was talking about some book or something that he was working on.

If the New York Post told me that the sun rose in the east every morning, I'd be looking for a second source.
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Spotter, stupid comments like the one you wrote about Hillary being a racist will be deleted each and every time.
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Hey, readers, the blog administrator is deleting comments saying that Hillary Clinton is a race-baiting liar. So much for the truth.
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