Friday, June 13, 2008

Olbermann is a Sexist Pig

No doubt about it; here's proof, courtesy of Talk Left.

The howler stopped watching "Countdown" when Olbermann began foaming at the mouth like a wild dog with rabies just before his last gasping breath on earth.

Olbermann's coverage of Hillary Clinton lost him every ounce of credibility he might've had. Howling Latina will never, ever, ever watch his show again. And that's a promise anyone can take to the bank and cash for new PUMA money.

Of course, now that Hillary has suspended her campaign, Dr. Howard Dean of DNC infamy is shocked, shocked to find gambling goin' on.

Meanwhile, Huffington Post is trying real hard to take it back allowing folks like Rachel Sklar to call a spade a spade and a sexist a pig.

Update: Oops, the howler drank too many wine coolers while vacationing at Virginia Beach. Although Olbermann may be a racist pig, too, we only know for sure that he's a misogynist blowhard.

Did you mean "sexist pig"? Gotta be careful with your insults...
In my opinion, Olbermann is a great liberal equivalent of your garden variety FOXNews sh!theads, so take that as you may. Any counterweight to FOXNews is not a bad thing.
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