Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama Has Weakest Month in May

Either Barack Obama is running out of friends or his friends are running out of cash. Either way, $$$ is just not trickling in as fast and furious for Barky as before.

Go figure...he did win the Democratic presidential nominee, right, where's the cash bounce??

The Boston Globe reports that in May, poor Obama barely raised more cash than John McSame. Obama raised $22 million and McCain raised $21.5 million.

Hmmm, looks like Barack might just need a few deep pockets from Hillary's campaign, after all. You know, like, oh, Bob Johnson.

Well, to hell with Obama; the howler takes the same unity attitude as her commenters when thinking about Hillary's campaign debt. Obama has stayed in the race too long and needs to drop out.

Thanks for pointing this out, HL. I will make a contribution to Barack Obama today, in your honor.
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