Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MSNBC Parrots Obama

Yet one more nail in the casket of collective guilt. No doubt about it. For the last six months or so, coverage and intent was sexist; and like Obama, it seems MSNBC thinks all they have to do is whistle in the right pitch and like a bitch in heat, all will be forgiven and Hillary supporters will come a-running.

Tennessee Guerilla Women links to a post about lame attempts by MSNBC executives to tame the roaring bitches.
Phil Griffin, the guy in charge of MSNBC, actually tried to get misogynist Keith Olbermann to tone down his hating and lying about Hillary Rodham Clinton themed shows. But Keith had one of his famous tantrums and said he would not hear of it. Too bad you didn’t listen Keith, because many of us have since discovered that you are worse than Bill O’Reilly, and MSNBC is nothing more than Fox News, Left.
Well, sure hope Olbermann wasn't trying to work his way to the top of the food chain at NBC News with his O'Reilly-like rants.

TGW goes on to quote The New Yorker:

At MSNBC, Phil Griffin was worried, and with good reason. The average Countdown” viewer is fifty-nine years old, and forty-five per cent of the viewers are women, presumably Democratic—a fair description of a Hillary Clinton supporter. Griffin believed that Olbermann was beginning to alienate his core audience, and asked him to ease up a bit on Clinton, and possibly even make some conciliatory gesture to the Clinton camp. Olbermann was offended by the suggestion. “I can’t do that!” he says, recalling that conversation. “Me doing a commentary against my own opinion is pandering. Black and white. And I’m not going to do it. Would I pull back a little bit, or think long and hard about whether or not I want to knowingly alienate part of the audience? Yeah. And I did. I mean, I held fire on Senator Clinton for quite a while after she began to really scare me, with some of these tactics.”. . .

But, just as Obama must work to win Clinton supporters for the fall campaign, Phil Griffin has to repair a fractured audience base, a portion of which saw sexism in his network’s Clinton coverage and vowed to boycott MSNBC. Griffin knows that some of that anger is aimed at his star anchor. “It was, like, you meet a guy and you fall in love with him, and he’s funny and he’s clever and he’s witty, and he’s all these great things,” Griffin said of the relationship between Olbermann and the Clinton supporters among his viewers. “And then you commit yourself to him, and he turns out to be a jerk and difficult and brutal. And that is how the Hillary viewers see him. It’s true. But I do think they’re going to come back. There’s nowhere else to go.

Hmmm, where have Hillary supporters heard those words before...?

In the meantime, Howling Latina can't help but ponder what might've been if Olby had learned to zip his yap during the Democratic primaries. His respectable cable ratings are for all naught; he's forever stuck in Cableland playing second fiddle to Chris Matthews' leg. No matter how hard Olby tries to mutate into Edwin R. Murrow, his little shenanigans during prime time proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's a nasty partisan without a lick of conscience and sense.

Ditto for Shuster and Matthews.

So...in finding a moderator for "Meet the Press," it sure looks like NBC will have to look to other news stations to find a replacement; their own anchors have been fully sullied by the stench of their own making in tearing Hillary Clinton's historic campaign to partisan shreds.

Hello Howling Latina!

In regards to that "Oger-man", I knew someone who was an associate director of news at KCBS channel 2 in Los Angeles. This guy had to work with K.O. (or as I call him the "Oger-Man"), and Keith was at least as nasty back in 1989 as he is now. The guy I knew who worked with "Oger-man" taught a beginning video course at Cal State Long Beach. He told us about a time when KCBS had a problem with a satellite link to Germany for a sports story that the Ogerman was doing in his sportscast news segment. The Oger deliberately said on air "Let's go to Germany for the story" when he knew that the link was dead! Talk about a piece of work! The Oger was a constant excruciating pain to work with, and believe me, the viewers literally said "don't forget to close the door when you leave, and don't let Satan's sulfur fumes in" when the Oger left the building. And this piece of work is still around?
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