Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Nonsense from Media

Quick post to link to yet another nonsensical article, this one from CBS News about Hillary's historical campaign.

More links and worthless media analysis later.

Are you a Democrat?
Seriously, even Taylor Marsh has moved on.

Its easy to feel this way. I've been through it before.

However, attacking supporters and other Democrats is pretty sad.
c'mon, mimi.

Hillary's historic campaign is history. It's time to look to the future. You are serving no cause with this, except that of John McCain, George Bush, neocons, and the anti-choice movement.

November is going to be an uphill battle and we really need your help.
Gotta love the way Obamatrons keep visiting this site to insult me and then tell me it's time to move on.

Obviously if this site is still linking, the media is still disrespecting Hillary, equal to what you do as commenters do this blogger.
No, I am not an "Obamatron", I am a Democrat who happened to support Senator Obama. Yes, a DEMOCRAT, a yellow-dog, dyed in the wool, loyal faithful DEMOCRAT. I have stuck by this party that I love through some bleak times and as you can see from my s/n am a proud VA Democrat.
I chose to support Obama this year- I am not a kid, or a minority or any of the stereotypes. I am a 38 year old white woman, first generation college graduate who makes less than 50k a year, and is a devout Roman Catholic. So, putting people in little boxes does not make much sense.
Obama is our nominee.
However, if the shoe was on the other foot- I would enthusiastically support Senator Clinton. I respect her and think very highly of her. In the 1990s she was my role model!
This is not an insult. This is a sincere plea to please follow the lead of other Clinton supporters and look to November.
I was in a similiar situation 8 years ago, and it was even harder because I was staff. Not only did I see a candidate who I truely believed in lose, but I lost my job when the campaign was suspended.
What did I learn? That it wasn't worth the hang wringing or despair, plus I should have moved on sooner.

I don't think calling supporters of Obama "Obamatrons" or other deragatory terms do little to make your point. Plus, I think it's pretty distasteful calling any woman a "bitch", especially someone as accomplished as Senator Clinton.
I wish you peace as you work for this and I know that it is very heart wrenching when your candidate loses. However, painting all supporters with a broad stroke is not only unfair, but unwise.
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