Thursday, June 05, 2008

Loving Obamazoids ...

Courtesy of Vastleft via Tennessee Guerilla Women, the verdict is in.

* Obama’s campaign was far more divisive than Hillary’s

* Obama’s campaign was far dirtier than Hillary’s

* Obama’s campaign was far more dishonest than Hillary’s

* Obama’s campaign was far less progressive than Hillary’s

* Obama’s campaign was far more leveraged on party insiders than Hillary’s

* Obama’s supporters drank far more Kool-Aid than Hillary’s

* Obama’s supporters drove Hillary supporters from virtually every blog, and not the other way around


That's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Here's Sally Quinn giving a big unity hug to Hillary. And Howling Latina still getting wet kisses from some Obama supporters.

Usually when you make claims like that you back them up with some kind of evidence.

For example, I could provide evidence that a Clinton staffer admitted they were throwing the "kitchen sink" at Obama. Or I could provide you with exit polls showing that even Hillary voters thought she was more negative.

But, whatever.

btw....even Taylor Marsh has moved on already.
Um, yeah ... uh, you DO realize that the game's over, the stadium's closing, the crowd's making its way out to the parking lot, and all that, right?

There are any number of sources which could refute every single thing you list, but what exactly would be the point?

Time to move on ...
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